Do You See My Scars?

Scars. They speak volumes. Sometimes, at a volume that is so uncomfortable. Growing up a clumsy kid, I have my share of physical scars. One scar that stands out is on my left knee. It happened when I was 8 years old. I decided to go play in a creek that my parents had repeatedly told me not to do, but of course, I did anyways and as I was climbing out of the creek I slipped in mud and slashed open my knee on the edge of a rock. I don't remember much of that day but the moments that stick out to me is the image of my dad carrying me out as I looked down at my leg completely covered in blood. I then remember the ER visit that I spent most of the time screaming at the top of my lungs because of the procedures it took to clean and stitch up that wound. Today in my 20's I am reminded of that day every time I look down at my knee. Sometimes when my hand brushes over my scar I can feel my body clenching as those scenes replay over in my head. Scars are not just something that sit there as a reminder, they are a constant flashback. Scars can be haunting, painful and just plain ugly. They are a reminder of what happened, who we were or what we did. People say scars bring healing but there are some scars that have made wounds so deep that we can not simply "get over it." A scar can dramatically change someones life. Scars are also a reminder of "what could have been." It makes the victim ask themselves what would I look like without these scars? How would the dynamics of my life have changed if I had never been wounded? To be honest, scars are more painful than people realize. And they are more powerful than we give credit. They can basically force us to walk around with a huge caution sign above our heads. Scars do two things: 

They paralyze you:
Scars have the power keep you stagnant. They will lie to you and tell you, you're still hurt. You see, while I may clinch when my hand brushes against my scar, it does not bring me any harm. I can rub the scar all I want, and it won't open. It's not going to harm me. But if I believed my emotions, I would stop any motion because I didn't want to feel pain. Ask yourself: how many opportunities, open doors, life goals, and dreams have you stopped pursuing because of your scars? You stopped your motion because you are afraid the wound would open. Take a look! Your wound is only a scar now. Scars are scars, they don't open once they are healed.

Scars make you feel ugly:
However much our life scars can be hidden, they actually bring out huge complexities. Have you ever met someone who is insecure about a mark or scar they physically carry? It's as if it dominates their life. It's funny how exposed we think our scars are. There are some things people would have never known you’ve gone thru but because you walk around exposing your scars, it becomes visible. Instead of your scar being a reminder of where you were and how far you've come, it actually becomes your identity. It's what people begin to identify you as, "That's the girl who..." Scars were never meant to become someones identity. Your name isn't "Scar". A scar is a indication of damage but it is also a sign or consequence of healing.
I have to be honest and say that lately God has been asking me to look at my scars. Every scar I bear is a reminder of the battle I fought. You see, scars are a indication of damage but also a sign of healing. What brings healing? A fight. When you are sick, your body has to fight against the bacteria that tries to overtake you. What we don't recognize often enough is that while we loathe our scars, we also fought for those scars. We fought to be healed, set free, and delivered. Why are you letting a scar keep you from rejoicing? Why are you stopping your motion when your wounds are closed? Why are you walking around with a caution sign when your scars are not even exposed? It's time to love your scars. Yes, love them! Why? Because you fought to get them. You deserve to enjoy the victories your scars brought you. What did it take for you to earn those scars?
We can sit and compare scars all day, but no scars could ever compare to the ultimate price Jesus paid. He fought a battle no one will ever be able to match and that was the battle to win your heart. At the end of the day, if you can not find motivation in your scars, ask yourself: am I bringing glory to the scars that Jesus bore for me? Don’t waste His scars. 


RMNT Band Single

Our desire is to share God's HOPE throughout this world. We're proud to announce our official original song entitled: HOPE. Written by our very own REMNANT. Special thanks to Advent Records. 
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Gone Wild

Something scary is happening to our youth today. It’s intoxicating. It’s seeping into their lives and relationships, and into our culture and churches. It’s infiltrating their self-control. It has widened dramatically and is on the rise more than ever before. It’s so commonplace; we breathe it, feed on it, and want more of it. But yet, it’s so sly and so clever we don’t even notice it. Some choose to ignore it and others even embrace it. It’s been around since the fall of man. It’s carnality. What in the world is carnality? It’s our human nature. It’s finding satisfaction in our fleshly desires and appetites. It’s everywhere. This world has gone wild over it.

We see it in magazines, on the web, in a post, through a tweet, in the stores, in the movies, behind closed doors and in the restrooms. It is girls on girls and boys on boys. It’s a girl in her cyber bubble addicted to social media. It’s a guy addict to porn and masturbation. It’s a girl struggling with depression, cutting, and self-image. It’s a boy struggling with substance abuse. It’s pleasure and self-indulgence, and the list is endless. But what do you do as society’s morality decays? How can one fight this battle? Can one overcome the suffering of their addictions and fleshy desires?

With that said, this month the Remnant presents Gone Wild. The Remnant plans to tackle these questions and offer advice and encouragement based on a firm foundation of biblical principles. This month we will uncover and uncensor these raw, real, and deep struggles. We are moving away from simply sin management to actual freedom and healing.

May 10th//5pm//Sanctuary

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When we look at our life, it's filled with mistakes, faults, and maybe even regrets. What used to be a clean, descent, honest and harmless life is now stained and carries a certain contempt and stench. It's stained with our sins and failures.Even though we have sinned and made permanent marks on our life, there is hope. There is the Cross. This month the Remnant presents Clean Slate. This month we will be focusing on the how we are forgiven, how we get God to get good and not the other way around, the importance and significance of baptism, how baptism wipes us clean, how it’s a part of God’s plan for salvation, and learning to accept His plan, mercy, grace, and forgiveness and committing to His call for baptism.


“And many will turn away from me and betray and hate each other.”
Matthew 24:10, NLT
Betrayal. It’s one of the human experiences that can be so painful and hard to understand. It hurts…deeply.  Unfortunately, it never comes from your enemies; it comes from your friends and loved ones. They lied, cheated, failed to defend you, broke your confidence, slandered your name, and disengaged. Traitor! is one of many words racing through your thoughts. They stopped caring, investing, paying attention, and fighting for the relationship or friendship. So now you’re left abandoned, feeling unloved, with no hope, no trust, anger and pain. Yes, we’ve all experienced it or will at one point in our lives.

In fact, Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. A handful of coins are all it took to sell out Jesus—a pathetic, degrading thirty coins. The price paid for a common slave, the kind of slave that might wash your feet when you enter into a friend’s home.  Throughout history Judas has been labeled as a traitor. And there is no doubt that he sold out Jesus for pocket change. But if we are really honest with ourselves, we’ve also been guilty of it as well. Haven't we all sold out Jesus from one time to another? Judas betrayed Jesus in a garden with a kiss. We would never do something so low to somebody we love. But have you ever worshipped Jesus on a Sunday, or at a Remnant Group or Night, only to sell him out later in the week? Every time we sin we are selling out Jesus. Every time we put our plans ahead of His we drive a wedge of separation into the heart of our relationship with Him.

With that said, this month the Remnant presents Betrayal. This month we will be focusing on dealing with betrayal, rebuilding our devotion and allegiance to Christ, creating trustworthy relationships with people, and displaying honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness. Betrayal has much to teach us—not only about others, but also about ourselves.